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Where springs are involved, Lafayette Garage Door Springs is familiar with the high tension required to assist in lifting a garage door. Do-it-yourself installation can be very dangerous. Sales of springs to the public are not restricted but, you, as a homeowner may find availability of springs to be sparse. It could have something to do with the inherent danger of trying to install a high-tension spring, intended to lift anything that is hundreds of pounds is likely to carry with it’s installation and tightening, danger on some level or another.

Lafayette Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairUnfortunately, garage door spring technology has not developed to the point that they last as long as the home, but they are replaceable, and we at Lafayette Garage Door Springs are just the ones to call if your garage door spring(s) break or fail in any way. If you have a spring that has failed, our capable technicians are trained and equipped to replace it for you with fast, efficient, courteous, same-day service. There are a few varieties of standard springs and each technician has just what you need in stock (in most cases) and can have your door working like new in “no time”.

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Many spring assemblies are mounted on both sides of an anchor bracket above the middle of the garage door. There are torsion springs, which assist in the lifting of the garage door, extensions which keep the door from gaining momentum as they descend the track when closing. The parts needed for spring installation are always on board when our technicians from Lafayette Garage Door Springs arrive. Working alongside your door, and in tandem with the springs, is a cable that guides the door and assists the wheels to stay on track while the door is moving.

Low headroom garage doors often have cable drums on the outside of the end plate and the torsion springs usually wind down rather than up. Normally the left winding spring is on the left side of the door and the right winding spring is mounted on the right side of the door. The first part after the torsion spring on the shaft is a bearing plate and on that a drum for the cable to wind upon. This drum is lined up and attached to the garage wall or doorjamb so that is may travel down alongside the door, inside the track brackets and behind the roller stems.

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Perhaps this sounds complicated, and precision is important, but, like anything, it is easy when you know how! Give us a call here at Lafayette Garage Door Springs, we will get the job done before you know it and you can go about your day with confidence that your garage will be back in operation by the end of the day.

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