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Lafayette Same Day Garage Door RepairIn the event that your garage door should fail in any way, you can call immediately and arrange for repair or service at your next convenience from Lafayette Garage Door Repair. One of the greatest aspects of doing business with Lafayette Garage Door Repair is that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all garage door repairs. If your circumstances have you in dire straits, we can actually provide repair service at any time.

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There are no secrets about garage door repair that could not be easily demonstrated. It simply takes time, patience, a little strength and technique for the tedious portions of the work, and simple “know how” which comes as second nature to our technicians who have, for the most part, been doing garage door repairs for many years.

Lafayette Garage Door RepairSometimes repair entails something more than an obvious replacement as in the case of an opener which has worn out or a spring that has snapped. In these cases, our experienced staff will replace your spring or opener in record time and with precision, which will assure proper function and safe operation of your garage door through the years to come. Expert workmanship and quality craftsmanship in the manufacturing of our springs, cables, and other parts is the key to the longevity of your door’s service. At Lafayette Garage Door Repair, our relationship with loyal customers is a testimony to the quality of the hardware and parts that we use and to the precision of our workmanship.

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Common occurrences of garage door failure are associated with cable, sensor, or opener damage. Most common, however, is spring breakage, sensor failure, or wheels coming off the track. Whatever the case may be, we at Lafayette Garage Door Repair will arrive prepared to handle the repair in one trip.

Our modest service charges are maintained at the lowest competitive rate around, and are applied toward the final cost of your repair. Most importantly, our work is done with the finesse of craftsmen who take pride in a quality repair to serve your household for years to come.

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