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When it comes to frequent use of your garage door, whether it is to store your vehicle overnight or simply to enter and exit your home, few can resist the convenience of an automatic garage door opener. Lafayette Garage Door Openers carries garage door openers to meet your every need. There are a number of types and styles to choose from according to your need.

Lafayette Garage Door OpenerThe precise installation is not necessarily easy, but the engineering of the mechanism is as simple in its design as it is effective in its function. The most common types of openers are all available through us and our technicians can assist you in determining exactly which opener can serve you best. Our technician will consider the weight and size of your door, the function of your garage to your household members, and assure the clearance and security of your vehicles and family members as they enter and exit the garage. And, don’t forget that many openers come with battery back up in the event of loss of power to the house or the entire neighborhood. Getting in and out of your garage may be of even more importance in the event of power loss.

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When choosing an opener for your garage, there are many things to consider. Our technicians here at Lafayette Garage Door Openers can help you by choosing for you the best design for the door and the circumstances in your home. The following information is a little detailed for those of you who may like to understand everything about your purchase. On the other hand, since we are here to help and to simplify your experience, you are welcome to turn the selection over to our technician who will install the opener best suited for your needs.

Lafayette Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairYou’ll find that many units employ technology which is state-of-the-art and technological enough to intrigue the inner techie in all of us. Most controls are now wireless and many can be programmed to operate from your car, smart phone, or from your computer anywhere.

If you have a single car garage with an aluminum door, your opener’s requirement for horsepower might be less than if you had an old double garage with one large wooden door. A more powerful opener for a bigger, heavier door might need to have slightly more horsepower but may require a different type of mechanism to lift the door. For example, in this case, with the heavier door, one might choose a:

  • Screw Drive Garage Door Opener to accommodate the additional weight. In this case there is actually a long threaded shaft along the ceiling of the garage, centrally located at ceiling height above the garage door when the door is in the open position. The opener motor turns the shaft causing the attached garage door hardware to move along the threads toward the back of a garage, lifting the garage door and holding it in place by discontinuing rotation of the threaded shaft. Then when the opener motor is reversed at the touch of a button, the door is returned down its tracks to its full, upright position, securing the garage until access is needed again.
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Opener by comparison with screw drive garage door openers (also called operators) deliver equal power to the lifting and lowering of your garage door. All of our openers come with all of the parts like the rail, the chain, and traveler. With chain drive operators, a sprocket is the operative mechanism that moves the chain up and down the rail, and by way of the hardware connected to the door, called a traveler, operates the door. You’ll find that in the case of chain driven openers there is at least one other option. That is a dual-sprocket opener. As the name implies, there are two sprockets, which distribute the labor between them and may provide additional power to lift and safely maneuver your garage door, particularly if the door is extraordinarily large and/or heavy.
  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are as popular as any other kind these days. Their construction and engineering is conceptually the same as a chain driven unit. The belt, in many cases, may be quieter, obviously, because a belt driven by a 0.5hp is not metal-to-metal amongst the moving parts.
  • Jackshaft Drive Garage Door Openers is a specialized type of opener, which can be mounted on the wall, removing the necessity for any mechanism overhead, allowing the least possible noise and vibration in the case of there being a room over the garage. This type of opener also comes in handy in the event your challenge is a low ceiling clearance, no ceiling, or a vaulted or cathedral ceiling.

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There are a variety of garage door openers from which to choose. Lafayette Garage Door Openers stocks a selection of automatic openers to meet every need. The performance of your opener from the power needed to raise and lower your door, to the speed and precision of operation, our technicians are very proficient in the skills necessary to set your opener to secure your door properly every time.

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